About Us

The idea of starting Casten Creations came from the owner, Lindsay Casten in the summer of 2020. Lindsay married Michael Casten in 2006, and they have three beautiful children.


Lindsay started her career as an elementary teacher in the Chicago suburbs in 2003, which is where she met her husband. Once their first daughter was born in 2007, they decided for Lindsay to resign from her teaching position to stay home and raise their children.


Within a few years, the Castens had become a family of five (a son born in 2008 and another daughter born in 2010).


On August 12, 2011, life became a little more challenging for the Castens. At 14-months-old, their youngest daughter was diagnosed with a terminal neuromuscular disease, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Type 2. Lindsay and Michael felt their life had been shattered, not having this diagnosis being part of their “plan.”


But after being told to take their daughter home and love her for as long as she had, she is now thriving at 10-years-old (after the first treatment for SMA was approved by the FDA in December of 2016). While this does not cure the disease, it has helped slow the progression. Even though their daughter still requires a power wheelchair to get around, she loves school, playing with her friends and siblings, and especially singing (as SMA only affects a child’s muscles, not their mind, intelligence or social/emotional skills).


It wasn’t an easy road for Lindsay caring for their three young children at home for several years (especially with their youngest having so many physical needs), but once their youngest daughter started kindergarten, Lindsay knew that she wanted to return to working.


Lindsay was hired by their church as the Director of Children’s Ministries. The position filled her heart with love and joy.


However, one month after returning to work, Lindsay had a surgery to try to correct an old gymnastics injury on her right foot. Unfortunately, this surgery led to others, and Lindsay soon developed a rare, aggressive infection, that eventually got into her bone marrow. Many teams of doctors were seen, but on May 10th, 2019, Lindsay needed to have a below knee amputation of her right leg to prevent the spread of the infection into her blood stream.


The amount of stress and compensation put on Lindsay’s left knee over the course of 4 years had caused significant irreversible damage. On January 8th, 2020, Lindsay had her 15th surgery in less than five years – a custom made total left knee replacement at 39 years old. Several months after that surgery, Lindsay and Michael made the extremely painful decision for her to resign from her job at church, which she passionately loved, to allow more time for her recovery. This was definitely tough for the family emotionally as well as financially.


For over a year, Lindsay had been designing and making t-shirts for herself, which had become a great hobby of hers. During that time, she was asked many times if she made and sold custom shirts. So by the summer of 2020, the idea of “Casten Creations” was born.


The Casten Family doesn’t know where this business endeavor will lead them in the future, but Lindsay absolutely loves designing and making shirts (and other items as well), but it was decided to take a leap of faith, and see where Casten Creations would go!